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Kinghaven Farms

Nature’s Remedy Honey Collection

Nature’s Remedy Honey Collection

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Raw honey is much more than a natural sweetener and a delicious spread – did you know raw honey is packed with health benefits? Whether you're seeking a spoonful of honey to help you sleep, fend off a hangover (backed by research, no less), ease a cough, or soothe a sore throat or upset stomach, our Nature’s Remedy Honey Collection has got you covered. Featuring classic pure Raw Honey, along with our delectably smooth Cinnamon Creamed Honey, Ginger Creamed Honey and a wooden honey dipper, this bundle offers a versatile range of health benefits. The bundle includes:

●    Premium Raw Honey  (2 x 500g each) 
●    Cinnamon Creamed Honey (2 x 330g) 
●    Ginger Creamed Honey (2 x 330g) 
●    Honey Dipper (1 x 6")

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