Kinghaven Farms is a family run farming operation located in beautiful King Township, Ontario.

Mission driven and focused on sustainable agribusiness in the fields of apiculture, horse farming, small batch artisanal goods, and woodlot management, Kinghaven aims to promote a healthy and regenerative natural environment.

We operate as a net-zero enterprise through the use of renewable energy and circular economies of food production and waste management.


From horse power to green power

Here at Kinghaven Farms, we believe in ethical and sustainable practices.  We realize that farming can have a impact on our environment.  This is why we have made steps to mitigate our impact by purchasing and installing solar panels to generate green energy on both our farm and other sites across Ontario.

The process began on our farm when we installed 1051 panels on our barn roofs with an installed capacity of 265 kW DC.  Due to this project’s success, Kinghaven Farms has developed and financed 4 other solar PV power plants across southern Ontario to both add to the Kinghaven portfolio and to help promote sustainability within our business model.

Today, Kinghaven Farms Limited owns over 6500 panels at 5 different sites within Ontario totalling almost 1.8 MW DC in installed capacity.  We have also begun to investigate the implementation of net metering to begin to take the impact away from the energy we use directly at the farm.  These practices will help drive Kinghaven forward into the future and show that sustainability can be achieved in the agricultural field.

Since its inauguration on November 7th, 2012, our pilot Kinghaven Solar Project alone has produced over 2,000,000 kWh total, saved 1.11 Kilo-tonnes of CO-2 gas from entering our atmosphere and has produced the same amount of emissions savings as over 120,000 trees.