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7 Mouth-Watering Ways to Use Creamed Honey

Long favoured by honey enthusiasts for its versatility and decadent taste, creamed honey's smooth texture makes it a dream to spread on toast or swirl into your afternoon yogurt.

Creamed honey is made by blending raw liquid honey with “seed honey” — a small amount of already creamed honey — to precisely control the crystallization process. This method encourages the formation of fine crystals, ensuring that our creamed honey is perfectly smooth and spreadable.

Beyond convenience, creamed honey offers a flavour experience unlike any other. With its rich taste and subtle floral notes, it's like indulging in a gourmet treat every time you reach for the jar. And our infused versions add another dimension of delicious sophistication to any dish. Here are some of our favourite ways to enjoy creamed, raw honey.

1. Creamed Honey with Cheese

Creamed honey was made to pair with cheese. Our blueberry-infused variety suits this perfectly as the subtle sweetness of the honey and the fresh, tangy flavour of the blueberries provide a balance that complements a wide range of cheeses.

For a study in contrasts, try a dollop of Blueberry Creamed Honey with a beautifully milky cheese like Brie or Camembert. It also pairs beautifully with stronger, tangier options like blue cheese or aged cheddar, by balancing their sharpness with its sweetness.

Raspberry-infused creamed honey paired with manchego cheese is another fan favourite. The tartness of the raspberry and the silky sweetness of the honey highlights the nutty, slightly salty flavour of the cheese, adding a touch of complexity to your cheese board.

These are our current favourite pairings, but the possibilities are endless. So go ahead and experiment with different cheese and honey combinations to uncover the ones you like most, and don't be afraid to get creative.

jar of raw raspberry creamed honey

2. Breakfast Foods

Breakfast foods and creamed honey go together like peanut butter and… creamed honey. We especially love using our fruit-infused varieties like our Blueberry and Raspberry Creamed Honey to top pancakes, waffles, and French toast. The natural sweetness of the honey makes for a great alternative to maple syrup, while the fruit adds a fresh and unexpected flavour to these breakfast staples.

Batter-based goodies aren’t the only foods we think creamed honey improves. Adding it to yogurt and oatmeal is a great way to infuse a burst of interest into a traditional weekday breakfast — especially our Cinnamon Creamed Honey.

3. Pastries and Breads

You probably didn’t need us to tell you this, but creamed honey is a killer alternative to jam and other spreads. Scones, biscuits, or even toast all get a glow-up from this delightful treat. Our Lemon Meringue, Blueberry, Raspberry, Matcha, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Ginger, and original are all delicious for this.

Plus, honey is lower on the glycemic index, so it’s a great alternative to sugar-saturated jams for anyone watching their processed sugar intake.

4. Tea and Coffee

Looking to add a unique twist to sweetening your tea? Our Blueberry Creamed Honey works exceptionally well with herbal or black teas, infusing them with a subtle sweetness and fruity undertones. Or, to deepen and enrich the existing flavour of a lemon-ginger or a green tea, pair them with our matcha or ginger infused honey for a traditional yet complex taste.

You can also try adding Cinnamon Creamed Honey to your coffee for a subtly spiced sweetness that transforms your morning brew into a gourmet treat!

5. Salad Dressings

We believe that honey is an essential salad dressing ingredient, and creamed honey is no exception. Whisking it into dressings adds a sweet and tangy element that complements the bitterness of leafy greens. It also enhances the natural sweetness of fruit, making it the perfect topper for fruit salad medleys. Check out our most loved dressings for a great way to up your salad game this barbecue season.

6. Desserts

We’ve already sung its praises in yogurt, but there’s nothing stopping you from using creamed honey to jazz up ice cream and cheesecake as well. A dollop of any of our infused varieties is downright delectable on ice cream, and we highly recommend streamlining your dessert prep by foregoing traditional cheesecake toppings and adding Raspberry, Cocoa, Blueberry or Matcha Creamed Honey instead.

For a quick and delicious snack or dessert, spread Cinnamon-Creamed Honey on apple slices or dip strawberries in Lemon Meringue Creamed Honey or Cocoa Creamed Honey.



Creamed honey also makes a wonderful addition to baking, adding moisture and flavour to your favourite patisseries. With some slight changes, you can easily substitute honey for sugar in pies, cakes, muffins, and anywhere else that needs a little hit of sweet.

7. Meats and Grilled Dishes

While it may not be as obvious, the sweetness of honey pairs well with savoury and smoky flavours too. This makes creamed honey an exceptional option for glazing chicken, pork, or salmon.

As the meat cooks, the glaze will caramelize, creating a flavourful crust that locks in moisture. The result is a tender dish with a beautifully caramelized exterior and a complex, sweet, and smoky finish.

Creamed honey adds a delightful depth of flavour and a touch of sweetness to any dish. So go ahead, try our original version or one of our infused varieties to elevate your honey game and let creamed honey become your new pantry staple.

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